A practical approach to reduce service wait times at Starbucks.

HIgh-fidelity Prototype of Starbucks Kiosk.



Starbucks is a popular brand and has a huge problem of long service lines, especially at crowded locations like airports, malls, bus stations, downtown city area and financial districts.




A digital kiosk with touchscreen capabilities could be a great solution to this problem as it has already proven effective in the case of McDonald's. Users can simply walk up to an available kiosk unit and make selections, customize their drinks and order directly from the machine. 

Once they have placed the order they would be provided a receipt which can then be provided at the counter to have the order processed as usual. This system will greatly reduce the extra time spent at the counter ordering and making payments.







For the success of this system, the Kiosk has to be user-centered so it caters to everyone's need.Here are some key factors to be considered.


1) The kiosk will be 5'10" in height which is the average height of an Amercian.

2) The screen will need to have the ability to adjust its height to help people with special needs. 

3) A card reader which can accept debit/credit cards as well as Starbucks reward cards.


Height comparison of the Kiosk vs the average American height.



IA typical workflow of the kiosk needs to be intuitive and needs to serve customers in the least number of steps while attending to all their drinking, eating, and merchandise purchases. Here is a wireframe of the typical process flow.



Kiosk wireframe



For the style, I wanted to stay true to the identity of the brand and kept my choices close to Starbuck's design elements.


Type, Color, and Iconography



The final kiosk design is a highly efficient and quick way to get to your daily needs in a short time. This design can greatly reduce the wait times at Starbucks and help deal with the rush hour clutter.

The Same concept can be applied to the mobile app. As soon as the customer's login into the Starbucks local wifi, they can make their order by downloading the app. They can make payment using e-wallets, gift cards or credit/debit cards and receive an online receipt, which can be shown at the counter to complete the process.

Replicated UI for the phone app

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