I create interactive designs which are meant to be shared—carrying out usability that is intuitive, engaging, and fun.  



 A UI/UX designer with 5+ years in bridging the gap through creative design, technology, and human usability interactions. I design elegant product interfaces and deliver interactive experiences that are engaging, intuitive and fun. As an expert 3D Technical Artist, I’m experienced in communicating with visual language, and pursuing immersive UX design with virtual and augmented reality technology.  




A very meaningful contributor to Ayan’s success is his equanimous personality, friendliness and focused approach to solving problems, even on the toughest days. His personality uplifts everyone and motivates people naturally. Ayan’s sincerity of purpose, steadfastness in vision, and multi-faceted skill set

During his time at BebopBee, Ayan’s growth was tremendous. Ayan picked up multiple traits as he moved up to a Technical Art director role for our second game Jurassic GO. I was really impressed by not just his research capabilities but also his style of presentation and quality of inputs. His willingness to go above and beyond to explain in the most simplistic and understandable manner greatly shaped how we did things as a company. 

Ayan joined BebopBee as a 3D Technical Artist and took charge of his role right away. Soon, we had to expand his set of responsibilities to satisfy his desire to do more. Ayan is great at researching, exploring and collaborating and eventually had a strong footprint on almost all aspects of a successful game development. Ayan presented several compelling concepts that clearly defined the scope and was responsible for complete production cycle, delegating assignments as well as later-stage, successful marketing of the game. Ayan was our swiss-army-knife. 
makes him one-of-a-kind. He will be a real asset to any team looking for a champion.



BebopBee Inc.


 Ayan is an extremely bright problem solver with a kindhearted spirit. During his internship with Magnetic Dreams, his tasks ranged from character rigging to full project oversight including client management. He excelled at everything and was wonderful to work with. Any studio would be blessed to have him on their team.  

Executive Vice President

Magnetic Dreams Inc. 


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